Terms of Service

Limited Warranty Terms
Pinball Brothers (PB) pinball machines are handmade making each machine unique. Even though the
process is carefully executed, slight variations between games will occur due to tolerances of parts
and/or assembly. Every game is inspected to make sure it meets stringent standards from both
quality and playability. Over time, your machine can show signs of wear, which is normal.
Pinball Brothers (‘SELLER’) warrants only to the initial purchaser of its products that the items listed
below are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the
warranty period specified.

  • Printed Circuit Boards 6 months
  • LCD Display 12 months
    No other parts of seller’s product are warranted.
    This warranty does not apply to any parts damaged during shipment and/or due to improper
    handling, or due to improper installation or usage, or alteration/modification.
    In no event shall the seller be liable for any anticipated profits, loss of profits, loss of use, accidental
    or consequential damages, or any other losses incurred by the customer in connection with the
    purchase of a PB product.
    Warranty periods are effective from the initial date of shipment from seller to its authorized
    distributors. Warranties are non-transferrable from the initial purchaser.
    For the warranties to be activated the machine needs to be registered for warranty within 15 days of
    purchase. Registration is carried out by submitting a ticket at the PB support system, stating the
    serial number of the machine and writing ‘Warranty Registration’ as message. The ticket system can
    be found at our web page: http://www.pinballbrothers.com
    Replacement Parts
    Contact your selling distributor for replacement parts or submit a ticket in the PB support system. In
    both cases you will be notified if your request qualifies for warranty, in which case you will be
    assigned an RMA (Return Manufacturer Authorization) number.
    You pay for the MSRP of the product, and it gets sent to you. Once you receive the replacement, you
    can send back the original faulty unit using the same box the replacement unit came in. Once we
    receive the original faulty unit, we process a refund for the payment made at the beginning of this

Statutory Warranties
This Limited Warranty is distinct from any statutory rights under any mandatory consumer protection
laws of your state or country applicable to you. It is intended to grant you specific rights and does not
limit the rights you may have under applicable statutory product warranty provisions. You may have
other rights based on local laws during or after the Warranty Period. These rights are not excluded by
this Limited Warranty.
To understand what statutory warranties that might apply for you, please contact your
domestic/local distributor who is responsible for those in your area.
Warranty Disclaimer
Except as specifically provided in a written contract between seller and purchaser, there are no other
warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose.


Sales for all pinball machines are final. No refunds will be issued. All other products will be able to be returned in it’s original, unopened packaging within 30 days of purchase date.