How do deposits work?

When placing a deposit, we will place an order for your machine with the factory. When your machine is 14 days out, we will request the remaining balance and keep you up to date with shipment information.

Can I Cancel my order?

Absolutely! While we hate to see it happen, things change sometimes. We will reimburse your full payment.

What sort of maintenance do I need to do?

We recommend waxing the playfield and changing the balls every 6 months. Rubber Rings can be changed if they break or if they no longer have the “bounce” you desire.

How much does it cost to repair my machine?

That depends on what you want done.

Do you hae “XYZ” game?

If you are looking for a specific machine, let me know and if we don’t have it then we can find it!

What if my game breaks?

Customer Service- It’s what we do. WE will happily assist in getting your game back up and going. Just reach out and we’ll start getting your machine back up to snuff.

Will you buy my machine?

We are always interested in acquiring new machines. Please feel free to reach out to start a discussion.

How long does it take to get my game?

Shipping times are dependent on a number of factors including the LTL freight company. We will communicate with you on order updates, lead times and all shipping information.